1.1 Begin Again

Hello! The title should be taken very, very literally. My computer crashed so I had to reset to factory settings, and I lost both Ferby and the save file to said crash. So I did what any insane person did: once I got my sims back installed, I remade Ferby using what pictures I had left, and made a new save file. This is fine.

I was so pissed off, however, I just skipped over Ferby’s week long escapade into the future to get Kel.

Aviary Photo_131591637612033810

In case you forgot, this is Kel, the founder’s wife. She is a handy, flirty, artistic virtuoso who is also a hopeless romantic. Her lifetime wish is Perfect Mind, Perfect Body which means she has to master both the logic and athletic skills. Her favorites are waffles, lilac, and Latin.

Aviary Photo_131591637260460953

And this is Ferby 2.0. I tried to get him as close to Ferby 1.0 as I could, but the more I look at him, the more discrepancies I see. Oh well. He is an over-emotional, dramatic, genius who is also a family-oriented bot fan. His favorites are blue, hamburgers, and electronica. The only thing I changed about him was his lifetime wish: It’s now More than a Machine, which means he has to master the bot-building skill and give a plumbot sentience.

Aviary Photo_131591627473046495

On my second playthrough of this damn save file, I figured out the “Check Lotto Records” trick. Also I’m surprised it worked with Kel, since she’s a “future resident” and all.

Kel: Moneyyyy 😀 I’m giving none of this to charity 😀

That money is actually going to finance a decent house, which is slightly better.

Aviary Photo_131591636898191410


Kel: Wealth has changed me. I want to die. Also this legacy thing is stupid and I want no part in it.

Too 🙂 bad 🙂

Aviary Photo_131591652675039350

Okay so – AGAIN KEL ??

Kel: Lalalalala just gonna impale myself on this mailbox.


Aviary Photo_131592356394726399

Here’s a pretty good side view of the property.

Aviary Photo_131592363246827199

The front of the main house, which I’ve dubbed “The Compound.”

(Excuse the blurry spot on the left side, floating shards of graphical error I had to edit out)

Aviary Photo_131592357140047983

Aviary Photo_131592480700178235

The upper door opens to the combined kitchen/dining room/living room/study. Here’s the kitchen+dining area, with included indoor plant jungle. Basically, my inspiration for this house was “what would a futuristic underground bunker look like?” along with “everything ITF” and “batshit crazy experimental decorating.”

Aviary Photo_131592357419609618

Here’s the study area, complete with a holographic computer and a surrealistic painting of melting houses.

Aviary Photo_131592357719108458

The living area (also with a holographic TV) which I describe as “therapist’s waiting room meets abstract rug techniques,” which I assume would also double as a Rorschach test.

Aviary Photo_131592375856463040

Also on the first floor is this pathetic excuse of a bathroom, cuz I’m not good at floor plans.

Aviary Photo_131592377137692098

The spiral staircase leads to this hallway, or “I had no freaking clue how to utilize this space so here’s a beige sofa and rustic animal signs suburban moms buy and sell on Etsy.”

Aviary Photo_131592377389461718

Also on this floor is the nursery, complete with a fire pole for easy diaper-changing access. (Also note the ceiling tile glitches. I figured out that a floating ceiling tile was what was causing the glitch earlier, too. So yay, I got that fixed.)

Aviary Photo_131592377705960486

And the upstairs bathroom, which I hate slightly less than the first floor one.

There are other cells small rooms on the second floor, for when Kel and Ferby reproduce tiny lab experiments have children, so for now they’re undecorated.

Aviary Photo_131592392457799731

Aviary Photo_131592392175138330

The master bedroom, complete with Kelby (yes, I have decided that’s their ship name) sleeping in their bed.

Aviary Photo_131592392712856481

Aviary Photo_131592392962266790

The master bathroom, which I think is my favorite of the rooms.

Aviary Photo_131592479231118440

Aviary Photo_131592479811985858

And jumping back down is the basement, including a bot workshop for Ferby and a gym for Kel. There’s also a small charging room for Ferby’s future plumbot(s) and a bathroom, but I couldn’t get a decent picture.

Aviary Photo_131592514312644352

Aviary Photo_131592514600839820

And finally, the backyard, which was a result of me going “oh my God what do I do with all this extra space” and “how bad can I be at landscaping, really?” (answer: lol I suck)

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming ~

Aviary Photo_131591655682803373

Ferby: I’m … starving…. I see …… a bright light …. Grandma …… is that you ?

Turn around, you big baby. Your wife made food.

Ferby: Oh.

Aviary Photo_131591658165973010

Kel: Our Creator is a stupid, stupid woman.

Ferby: Yep. She’s gonna fail again, isn’t she?

Kel: Yep.

….. no comment ….

Aviary Photo_131592340944992665

Ferby: I mean, I’d rather be in a catatonic, vegetative state than do this legacy thing for a second time.

😡  I’m going to chalk that up to you being a drama queen.

Kel: *already planning to make toast in the bathtub*

The more I have her in my game, the more I see Kel as a wine mom.

Aviary Photo_131592345652788131

I mean, just look at her dead eyes.

Ferby: Honey, are you okay? Honey? Honey? …… I’m just gonna hope you’re tired.

I don’t know why this screenshot cracks me up so much, but it does.

Aviary Photo_131592348592043900

Kel: I can see the future! Oh wait, I’m still miserable.

Ferby:  *wishing I would have let him marry Fawn Lacey the second time around*

Aviary Photo_131592351178242987

And this hideously deformed, patchy skinned creature means that generation 2 is on its way.

Aviary Photo_131592504701897801

Ferby: Dang’gum kids, git awf my lawn!

Also, future omen? (Lawl of course it is)

Aviary Photo_131592520556119799

Kel: *exercises so hard she breaks her wrist*

Aviary Photo_131592520843642604

Kel: *tries to climb treadmill while aggressively singing “Eye of the Tiger” to drown out obnoxious kids’ music*

Aviary Photo_131592521142148135

Ferby: My wife ?? Listening to kids’ music ?? While exercising ?? Suspicious… *intense side eye*

Aviary Photo_131592521560036890:

Ferby: To master the botbuilding skill, you must become one with the holographic age. *shoves hand through holographic keyboard*

Aviary Photo_131593179770492798

Kel: This is what happens when you exercise, kids!

More like a “practice safe sex” lesson, but whatever.

Aviary Photo_131593180258026605

Ferby: Our Creator isn’t the brightest lightbulb in the pack.

Kel: *person-person plus*

Aviary Photo_131593180592751513

Ferby: I lurve my wifey ❤


Aviary Photo_131593181401541875

I love Kel’s face in this picture so much.

Kel: You want… sum fuk?

(I truly apologize; that’s all I can think of when I look at this.)

Aviary Photo_131593200662712049

Kel: Oh no! Where did my wedding ring go?

Ferby: Yeah, we have like 90 dollars in the bank, but I can get you a picture of one.

Actually, I’m just too lazy to put wedding rings on them after they get married.

Aviary Photo_131593201001239392

This is purely to show how cute the two of them are together.

Aviary Photo_131593201313335447

Ferby: oh my gosh where is my ring ?? I demand you find my wedding ring !!

We just went over this, you complainer.

Aviary Photo_131593373929218908

Kel: Nooboo ❤

As if I hadn’t hinted at it enough, the second generation is on its way!

Aviary Photo_131593374353262329

Ferby: I FOUND THE LOCHNESS MONST – oh wait, that’s Jon Lessen’s chimney.

Aviary Photo_131593375325819939

Kel: *hacker in a police drama voice* I’m in.

Aviary Photo_131601910790674207

The couple that skills together…

Aviary Photo_131601911178661080

I didn’t think we’ve reached THAT point in the legacy, but apparently we have…

Aviary Photo_131601911706812543

Apparently sims can get burnt from bot building. Who knew?

Ferby: *internal screaming*

Aviary Photo_131601912230083988


Ferby’s clearly enjoying his LTW.

Aviary Photo_131601912807664435

Brief intermission to show Kel is working toward becoming this generation’s portrait painter. Moving on!

Aviary Photo_131601912960678233

Ferby: I’m not talking to you unless you’re Slimy Sam.

.. who’s Slimy Sam ?

Ferby: The prospector gnome who tells me where to find gold.


Ferby: He helped me after I got electromacuted.

That explains it.

Aviary Photo_131601913172828811


… aaaaand my founder has officially lost his mind.

Aviary Photo_131601913467804594

Ferby: Treat yo’ self.

Aviary Photo_131601914202736788


Ferby: Hey, Creator? DAFUQ IS GOING ON??

Aviary Photo_131591351927576681

So Kel hops in her fancy future car, and drives her and the baby/babies coming out of her uterus to the hospital.

Where is the loving father, you ask?

Aviary Photo_131601914496549668

At home. Reading a book. Y’know, as you do, when your wife is in labor.

Ferby: So THAT’S how you fix a leaky pipe!

Aviary Photo_131601914752639651

The first baby of generation two is here!! This little girl is Nova Metzkerp. The naming theme for this generation is futuristic names, which I took to mean “any scientific-y term that could possibly be a name.” Her traits are Excitable (I think ?) and Disciplined. I didn’t write down her favorites, but I know she’s an Aquarius.

Aviary Photo_131601914963712723

And this little boy is Kelvin Metzkerp!! The Kelvin scale is a measure of temperature in astronomy. His traits are perceptive and grumpy (I think ?). I also don’t remember his favorites, but he is also an Aquarius.

(And yes, Ferby eventually did make it to the hospital.)

And that’s all for this chapter! I have the screenshots ready for next chapter so expect that soon. : )  See you guys!!


A Marriage and Not Much Else

*sigh* why am I like this…

Anyway, welcome to the second chapter which I’ve been procrastinating for a damn month.


I guess we’re opening with this delightful weirdo from last chapter

Luna/Stella/something like that: Idiotic legacy founder. Take my bed, dare he. I will break him in half, and send his remains to his loved ones. Grrr…..



Last order of business before Ferby went back to the past was to kidnap move in Kel.

Kel: So there’s like … no holograms in the past ? At all ? Not even the holoPhone 1 ?

I imagine all the future sims are like today’s teenagers which is me why do I talk like a grandma but like 100 times worse.





Ferby: The red roses go really well with EA’s faulty logic your color scheme

Fun fact: Kel’s favorite color is actually lilac. Wtf EA ?

Romantic spam:

Screenshot-14Screenshot-15 Screenshot-16Screenshot-17



Make it through all of that? Good.


Afterwards I sent the two to the restaurant since the both of them were starving.

Ferby: Oooh, the reception is lovely!

Yeah, that’s why all these people are here.



Too bad, you’re stuck now. 🙂


Honestly, that’s the fastest I’ve ever had a wedding happen. Usually, some crap pops up and the would-be-spouse runs off.


These two look like an indie pop-electronica band whose songs are mostly 80s style synthesizers and lyrical euphemisms for designer drugs.


Back at the community center, someone went on a food synthesizing spree and there were pies everywhere. One of these was a life fruit pie, and I thought, “Hey, this’ll probably do nothing but let’s give it a shot anyway!” So I forced Ferby and Kel to both eat a slice. And then they bitched about be stuffed. Damn sims.

Ferby: …so… full…

Shut up and eat your wedding pie cuz you ain’t getting a cake.


I have absolutely no idea why Kel is in her underwear, with default hair, eating with Emit the Time Traveler.

Emit: So … are you si… um … do you have a …

Kel: Pal, you’re about 3 hours too late


Kel: But I will take a buck or two if you have some to spare.

Kel, NO. You are not a mooch!

OH, I forgot to make her a card! I’ll have to do that next chapter. But she is an artistic, handy, flirty hopeless romantic who is also a virtuoso. Her favorites are Latin, waffles, and lilac. Her lifetime wish is Perfect Mind, Perfect Body, which means she has to master both the logic and athletic skill.


I had like 5 more pictures where Ferby and Kel return to the past and the crappy starter house I built but I can’t freaking find them so here’s a picture of Kel in her cool car on her way to get a job in the military.


Kel: Heh, you know there is this little to no need for a defense department in Oasis Landing so I don’t even know what a military is 🙂

Uhh, o.O


I also had pictures of Ferby attempting to cook, but those are somehow gone too so here’s his first attempt.

Screenshot-39Here’s attempt #2.


Since Kel has a job and Ferby doesn’t at the moment, I just send him around town to do random shit. Here’s him collecting a deathflower from the graveyard.

Ferby: Y’know the name deathflower really isn’t encouraging!


And then I sent him to explore the catacombs. As you can see, it did not go well.


Maybe just a little.


w u t ?


Look how cute Kel looks in her work uniform!

Kel: *blank stare*


Also I’ve had Ferby go around introducing himself to his neighbors because he rolled the Trendsetter legacy wish, which basically means he needs to get a bunch of people to buy his outfits for a legacy statue. I really freaking hate this wish but it’s worth 30,000 lifetime happiness points (same amount as Ferby’s actual LTW) so I’m trying.

Ferby: Do-do I just go in?



Ferby: I am concerned.

Side note: is it just me or does Iliana have really bad duck lips?


(sorry for the walls down shot! I promise I’ll eventually get better at this whole legacy thing)

Dustin Langerak: Ignore her, she’s so far off the deep end you couldn’t take a boat out there.


lmao she looks so done with the world.

Iliana: I hate my life.


Meanwhile, their son just looks perpetually nervous.

Parker, I think: *shakes like a Chihuahua*


We all know what this means.




Kel needs the athletic skill for her job and her lifetime wish. She’s not doing very well so far.

Kel: I’m …. dying…


At least she’s doing better than her husband, who is doing this shit for some reason.


NO! In retaliation, I made him clean the entire house.


I had Ferby invite over an NPC friend of his to try to kickstart the trendsetter wish. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t work.

Ferby: *cute excitable face*


This is said friend. Her name’s Sandra, I think. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m disgusted by her fashion sense or amazed that a game generated sim managing to color coordinate an outfit.

She has no eyes.

Ferby: So, um, you look –  um, I MEAN, you seem well….

Sandra: Who’s there ?!


Ferby: This here is my fall 2017 collection for young women, focused on trendy, futuristic designs. This outfit usually goes for 2500 simoleons but for a friend, I’ll let it go for 1000. Lord knows you need it, hunty.

Sandra, offscreen: I don’t see anything !

Lmao that’s the shadiest side eye I’ve ever seen, Ferby.

Ferby: I’m a designer now, I have to throw shade.


Kel: Red shoes!

Ferby: *gasp* You’re pregnant!

Oh, sims.


Legacy cliches #1: Pregnant sim fixing broken plumbing. (Also had a better picture, buuut that’s gone too)

Kel: Are. You. Kidding. Me.

Welcome to legacy life, dear 🙂


We’ll end this chapter with Kel doing her cute little pouty face.

Kel: I had to fix a toilet.

Also, you’ll notice that Kel’s hair has changed like 3 times this chapter. Kel is a really pretty sim, but I had such a hard time picking a hairstyle that fits her. We’ll see how long I keep this one on her.

Anyways, til next month time!

Chapter 1: Two Almost Girlfriends and Unborn Plumbot Jesus

Warning: contains swearing, some suggestiveness, and stupidity.

So this is later than intended. Big surprise there.   


Of course, this is Ferby’s first wish. You’re a disappointment, Ferby.

Ferby: I can’t hear over the sound of my awesome cardboard robot costume.



Ferby: I have nothing! I have no house! This is literally my only form of entertainment! My creator’s going to let me die! Like a tamagotchi! I am going to die of starvation and neglect like a forgotten nineties toy!

Shush, you. You won’t be staying here long anyway.


After about two sim hours of me impatiently listening to Ferby’s roller coaster of emotions  patiently waiting for the time travel opportunity, the Emit guy showed up.

Ferby: You sure you trust me with the Time Traveler’s Almanac?


Emit: Kid, these are like keychains. I give one out to everybody.


Ferby: Going to the future, la la la la, gonna get me a robot wife, la la la la *moonwalks into time portal*


Llama: *to self* C’mon, Mandy. Only three more weirdos’s houses and then you can afford the fancy Ramen. The kind with flavors and stuff. 


Ferby: I… am… home…

So Ferby’s first course of action in the future was to the Bot Emporium. I wanted to get a jump on the spouse+kids thing. There were two decent options…


Cassandre Chandelace…


… and Reeski Rhubarb.


However, Ferby clicked with Cassandre but not with Reeski. So I didn’t really have Ferby try to woo her.



… but that didn’t mean Reeski stopped trying to woo him.

Reeski: Ha, joke’s on you! I majored in third-wheeling and minored in cockblocking!

Ferby and Cassandre: gtfo

Old guy: Will this plumbot scatter my ashes at sunset for me when I die or do I  need the Deluxe Package for that?


Ferby: If I close my eyes, she’ll go away.

Cassandre: *aggressive teeth gritting*


Reeski wasn’t the only one trying to ruin my screenshots.

Old guy/Asshole Edwin: Ha, I help.


Cassandre: What is this ancient device?

Side note: Reeski is that one person who looks at your phone while you’re showing your friend something and noses their way into your conversation.


Reeski: I don’t need a man, not when I have you, Goldie!



About this point, I was spamming friendly interactions and was bored so I started looking around. I’m pretty sure plumbots (or are the ITF ones simbots? I forget which is which) can’t get pregnant, but this really looks like it.


Ferby: I’m not saying I hear wedding bells yet, but…

Reeski: I am forever alone.

Mohawk Guy: *checking out Reeski* niiiiicceee.



Ferby: Sooo…. that’s a maybe?

This isn’t even exaggerated; Cassandre has a really nice speaking voice but her laugh is suuuper obnoxious.


Cassandre: Yellow! They’re my favorite, how’d you know?

Ferby: They match your everything.


Plumbot: Yeah, I don’t know how it happened. It was like… immaculate, y’know? Just like, nearly impossible…

(Little did they know this is M4RY, who’s child’s religion would gain many a number of plumbot followers years down the road.)


This picture was taken for two reasons: a) to show I started spamming romantic interactions and b) look how cute Cassandre’s face is in omg !!


Oh, also Cassandre is Asshole Edwin’s romantic  interest or something. But it said she was single so,  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


He then did this.

Asshole Edwin: No woohoo, you say? Well that’s peculiar….


I didn’t get a picture of it, but I had Ferby do a HOTM kiss, she rejected him which she shouldn’t have because they were at good friend status and she’s a flirty sim but whatever, Ferby apologized, and then she disappeared. I found her in the bathroom doing this.

Cassandre: He’s not great, but at least I can get a few dinners out of him, right Michi?


I got tired of waiting for Cassandre, so I sent Ferby back to the living center. His inexperience with future technology never fails to amuse me.


There were also Metzkerp descendants at the living center: Giovanni, who other than having some of Ferby’s features is sorely disappointing…


… and Ruth, who just looks like a Face One with a different nose.


This guy, however, was not at all disappointing. He’s not a descendant, but I did save him to the bin for future spouse purposes.




I had Ferby meet up with Cassandre at some lounge-type thing and they chatted about the weather.


And then this girl came up and randomly started dancing with Ferby.


I changed her hair and she’s actually really pretty. Her name is Kel Gwyn.

Kell: lawl sudden lighting change is sudden




It went well, I think.


About the time Ferby started flirted with Kel I disbanded his group with Cassandre. Apparently one chat and ditching her for another girl counts as a great time.


Unfortunately, Kel ran off before they went steady so I sent Ferby back to his “home.” By the way, Ferby, this isn’t your room.

Ferby: But it’s blue! My room’s blue! How do you know this isn’t my room?


Maybe the flirting sims in the corner?


Stella (I think): If I make enough uncomfortable references to sex, do you think he’ll leave?


CJ (I think): Has that ever worked on a legacy founder ?


We’ll end this chapter with proof Ferby is a LYING LIAR WHO LIES. HE’S ACTUALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS LEGACY.

Ferby: Go…. ‘way…..

Introduction: The Fun Begins! *sarcasm*

Hello, and welcome to my first sims legacy story! (If all goes well, my first successful legacy as well!)

Anyways, let’s get started!


This is Ferby Metzkerp. He is an over-emotional, dramatic, family-oriented genius who is also a bot fan. His lifetime wish is Made the Most of my Time, which means he has to visit all three possible futures and earn himself a legacy statue.

Fun story, I got bored playing my other legacy so I went into CAS, hit randomize, and prettified the sim I got. This is how I ended up with Ferby. Oh, his name is randomized too. I hit the randomize name button a few times before this gem popped up. It was too good not to use.


Ferby here is our legacy founder.

Ferby: Legacy? That sounds so boring I’m gonna – I’m gonna –



Pass out on poorly rendered grass?

Ferby: Yeah.

Too bad, you’re still our founder. And welcome to my little blog of simsanity.

(And please bear with me because I’m just learning to WordPress.)