Introduction: The Fun Begins! *sarcasm*

Hello, and welcome to my first sims legacy story! (If all goes well, my first successful legacy as well!)

Anyways, let’s get started!


This is Ferby Metzkerp. He is an over-emotional, dramatic, family-oriented genius who is also a bot fan. His lifetime wish is Made the Most of my Time, which means he has to visit all three possible futures and earn himself a legacy statue.

Fun story, I got bored playing my other legacy so I went into CAS, hit randomize, and prettified the sim I got. This is how I ended up with Ferby. Oh, his name is randomized too. I hit the randomize name button a few times before this gem popped up. It was too good not to use.


Ferby here is our legacy founder.

Ferby: Legacy? That sounds so boring I’m gonna – I’m gonna –



Pass out on poorly rendered grass?

Ferby: Yeah.

Too bad, you’re still our founder. And welcome to my little blog of simsanity.

(And please bear with me because I’m just learning to WordPress.)


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